Figuring out the fiddle

  Images sourced from Pinterest

Images sourced from Pinterest

by Jessica Hill

The Fiddle leaf fig, or Ficus lyrata, is the ultimate fashion plant. It’s graced the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair. They’re a must have, and for good reason. 

The best thing about the Fiddle leaf fig is it grows quickly, sometimes up to three feet a year. This makes it the perfect plant if you’re a little impatient. There’s nothing I enjoy more than watching the new leaves grow each Spring (or maybe that’s just me?) 

Look, the Fiddle leaf fig is pretty easy to care for, but like any diva, they tend to be a little needy. They love bright spaces, but will burn if the sun is shining directly on their leaves. They also grow towards the light so make sure you turn your plant every few weeks to ensure it grows straight. 

They’ll also tell you exactly what they’re thinking; when their leaves start to droop you know it’s time for a drink. They’re native to the humid, tropical rainforests of western Africa so make sure you give them a good spray every couple of days. 

The plant’s fiddle-shaped leaves are the perfect dust collectors, which can impact the plant’s ability to breathe and photosynthesize. Make sure you clean them with a soft, damp cloth. 

Whatever you do, DO NOT use oils to make your Fiddle’s leaves shiny. I’ve seen this trend making the rounds on the internet. Like dust, this will severely impact the plant’s ability to make food and will often end in the death of your Fiddle. 

Like a super model, the Fiddle leaf fig needs a little TLC to stand out in the crowd, but it’s all worth it when you’re the centre of attention. #itsplantporn.


Jessica Hill is a freelance journalist who is interested in the relationship between plants and people. Follow her on Instagram @plantsunknown.