Foekje Fleur

 Images courtesy of Foekje Fleur

Images courtesy of Foekje Fleur

I had a premonition not too long ago while chatting with my art dealer friend. "Decorative Arts are having a renaissance," I declared. "Gone are the days of simple clear cylinders. Pottery is in."  

My obsession with vessel shopping caused a witch hunt of sorts and  I stumpled upon Dutch designer Foekje Fleur whose Bottle Vase series is sure to change anyone's notion of decorative arts. These vases are playful in hue and form but stem from much deeper environmental issues. Foekje was inspired by the  plastic soup area in the Pacific Ocean where high concentrations of plastic trash, chemicals, and debris are trapped and held hostage (gross!).

" I started to look into the water of my own hometown and collected plastic trash from the 1960’s until now, almost totally intact," she explained. "This collection was copied into porcelain, a material that shares the lack of degradability and shows the problem even clearer."

Foekje Fleur's work speaks my language. Proving my theory to be true she shows us how this medium can be not only fresh and functional but also extremely thought provoking and reflective. Lucky flowers. #itsplantporn