PHOTOS: Sara Little

PHOTOS: Sara Little

This past weekend, our Editor-at-Large took a much needed respite from a very hectic season of work, travel, endless weddings, and meager attempts at keeping a fickle orchid alive by heading to Palm Vaults for a quiet snack with a girlfriend and her three-month-old son.

Palm Vaults, in the heart of chill Hackney, is one of those Instagram darlings where you just can't help but art-direct your plates into social media perfection (#EatItDontTweetIt, be damned). With its pink storefront and impressive potted palm, this independent cafe is a bright spot on Mare Street. Inside, rows of potted succulents in terrariums nestle among stacks of quirky design books, the vinyl chairs and wonky-legged card tables nodding to vintage Miami kitsch.

Sara and Cait ordered a Golden Latte and a Velvet Latte, a duo of pretty pink and sunflower yellow (while Velvet hinted at a red velvet cupcake, Golden was much less subtle with its blend of tumeric, ginger, and a kick of black pepper on top). They finished their cheap-and-cheerful girl date with a bangin' cacao açai smoothie bowl and a quinoa salad made fancy with roasted veg, feta, and pomegranate seed. Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

How was their Sunday afternoon, in summary? Palm Vaults is a tiny, cozy cafe with a sunny disposition that'll keep Sara coming back all dreary London winter long (Golden lattes and potted plants dangling from the ceiling = warm summer vibes). Plus, she noticed a few pairs of floral-embossed jeans on the rack. Next time... #itsplantporn



411 Mare Street | Hackney | E8 1HY



Opening hours

Monday - Saturday: 8am - 6pm

Sunday: 10am - 5pm