View form the top: my Brooklyn  terrace garden  design. Sketch by imane fiocchi.

View form the top: my Brooklyn  terrace garden  design. Sketch by imane fiocchi.

Spring is in the air so it's time to start programming my terrace garden.

Fortunately I have ample space  (((for an urban dweller))) to really let the creative juices flow. Unfortunately my Brooklyn terrace is very temperamental (remember those micro climates Amanda Mitchell was talking about ?) with a crazy wind tunnel that knocks out any dainty plants.  So I've learned that only the strong survive and my botanical inventory must have some muscle.

But spring is not spring without tulips. I love the way they stretch towards the sun,  reaching for the warmest spot to soak all up all the rays. They are so beautiful in a group and make me happy.  So this year I am going to take a risk and give the tulips a strong pep talk, color block them Mondrian- style, and enjoy the sun stretching view on my terrace.

Roses are my jam, my everything, my spirit plant. They are strong, easy on the eyes, and require little babysitting. I grew up playing make believe in a rose garden and I love all varieties, so they will naturally take center court. 

Always a bed of veggies. Last year it was (baby) carrots and cucumbers. This year I want to try some hearty greens like baby kale so I don't have to walk across the street to get a salad.

As a child I would throw the seeds of watermelons into our garden hoping that one would pop up.  I think I will try the same approach this summer.

Then I'll do an herb homage. The wind tunnel snapping back and forth is no match for my rosemary, in fact it is my only plant that survives outside all year round!

My husband and I  host a lot of grill outs during the summer so we love having a  variety of peppers (Red Chili, Shisito, Serrano) to spice up weekend Bloody Mary's and summer guac.

 There it is, my spring/summer terrace garden.  Not contrived or overwhelming, just thoughtful.

What are your garden plans? #itsplantporn