My sister-in-law moved to California almost 2 years ago after living the majority of her life in the Middle East. It was a hard transition for her as everything she ever knew was suddenly very different. I admired her strength and courage during such a difficult transition, but what I will forever cherish is her happy smile and bright spirit.

spirit plant is the plant that embodies ones' personality. My sister-in-law is a California Poppy. These wildflowers are bright in color (yellows, oranges) as she is bright in character.

Poppies open their pedals to the sun every morning as if saying HELLO WORLD!  Just like Miro texts me from California every morning, excited to take on the day.

They blossom in large groups and are dynamic company. 

Photos from the California Poppy Reserve

Photos from the California Poppy Reserve

I am very lucky to have such a wonderful woman in my life that I also get to call sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY POPPY! #itsplantporn

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