Every Sunday I take a family walk to Toby's Estate in Williamsburg where I enjoy an early morning Soy Latte and read The New York Times in print. Yesterday's Style section caught my eye with an interesting article about Foster Huntington--  a good looking guy who quit his fast paced New York City life, spent some time living in a van, and built a tree house so cool I'm considering a lifestyle change of my own. 

Huntington rounded up his bros and enjoyed a year designing, constructing, and ultimately finishing a tree house with two sections adjoined by stairs and a bridge on a hilltop in the thick of Douglas Fir forestry in Southwest Washington.



In true man form he also constructed a skate bowl 

and a hot tub for leisure activities.

 I did a little more research on my own and discovered that Huntington's next project is a book called The Cinder Cone documenting the process of his incredible tree house from start to finish. I'll let his beautifully filmed video explain:

After watching The Cinder Cone I realized that 1) I really want to learn how to skateboard and 2) nothing beats the sky high view of a breathtaking forest. #itsplantporn

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