Sheridan Tjhung, Florist



Some people arrange flowers and others create works of floral art. Sheridan Tjhung is the latter. I can't fully describe her style and I mean that in the best way.  She is one of those artist whose work you look at, think you get, then you're surprised by next. Those are the types of artists I like. Her fearlessness to play with flowers in unexpected ways put her on my radar and each floral masterpiece has kept me borderline stalking her Instagram.  Mark my botanical word she is the one to watch. #itsplantporn

IPP: what is your background & how did you start working with flowers? 

ST: I’ve always had an innate fascination with flowers. There’s footage on video tape somewhere in the family collection of me (not yet old enough to speak) being told off by mum because I kept picking the flowers.  I’d always loved the idea of becoming a florist. Once I had a full time job I discovered I had a “disposable” income and a lot of creative output that needed to be channeled somewhere. So I decided that was the perfect to time to start up a little flowers business, seeing as I always had the full time job as back up. I went to the flower market one morning with my mum (for emotional support) and played with the flowers, took photos and posted them online. The rest is history I guess.

IPP: Describe a typical day at work. 

ST: No such thing! Every day is dictated by the workload I have for the week. On a more relaxed week, I’ll get to the market at 7am and head back to process them and start arranging. For larger jobs, I’ll collect my order 2-3 days in advance and continue to condition them and prepare them throughout the week.

IPP: What inspires you when working? 

ST: The colour shape of the stock I receive in. It determines the lines and the shape of the structure I’m going to create, and work backwards.

IPP: What are your favorite types of floral projects ? 

ST: Large scale for sure. I love being able to transport people to what feels like another world.


IPP: Do you have a favorite season you like working in?

ST: In Australia, Winter is easier because you don’t have to battle the heat to keep the flowers alive. That being said it also doesn’t hurt that orchids are in season too.

IPP: Describe your floral aesthetic. 

ST: Someone once told me that my flowers have an ‘obvious narrative’ which is something I hadn’t thought about, but resonated with me as true. When I choose the stock, I have to send myself down a path of theme and story before I can decide what stock I need. This is why I spend so long at the flower suppliers… I groom through the stock once and come up with a narrative, then groom through again and pick up things that I think suit.  So ultimately, Romantic with a narrative.

IPP: Where is your favorite garden? 

ST: Not so much a garden, but a citrus orchard back home in WA. I would drive an hour and a half to go cut oranges for jobs and just fall in love with the rolling hills of citrus trees, the serenity and fresh fruit right off the trees!

IPP:  What is your spirit plant and why? 

ST: I’d have to say a slipper orchid. They’re independent, and quirky.

Thank you Sheridan! 

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