all photos by Georgianna Lane

all photos by Georgianna Lane

When I was recently gifted  Paris in Bloom,  I knew I had to meet its author and photographer Georgianna Lane. The book's synthesis of my two  favorite things- Paris and flowers- had me looking like that emoji with the hearts in its eyes and a big happy smile as I turned the pages.

Photographing plants is something I don't think many consider a real challenge. It is!  When someone as talented as Georgianna is behind the lens you actually forget how technically sophisticated that process is. Her images capture the true colors of each bloom, the detailed texture, and even the purity of the petals.  Looking at her work I actually feel like I can touch each flower.  I'm no photographer so naturally I appreciate a good one-even more so a really great one- and especially a botanical one.  Keep blooming, Georgianna! #itsplantporn

IPP: what is your background and how you begIn working with flowers?

GL: Growing up, I was encouraged by my parents to read, create and dream. They were both talented amateur photographers and in that environment, I began writing and taking photographs at a very young age. 
We lived in a somewhat rural area and I always had a strong connection with nature, especially flowers, although I didn’t know much about identifying individual varieties until I became a specialist. I feel very thankful that I make a living in a creative field and am grateful that my upbringing celebrated beauty and art.

IPP: How did you decide that flowers would be your subject ?

GL: About 12 years ago, I had the intention to establish my own photographic licensing and stock image company, and knew that to be successful, I should specialize and become an expert in my field.  I’d taken photographs my entire life on a variety of subjects but it was a conscious decision to focus on florals, a field that I knew I loved and would be happy to work in for years to come.  Floral photography is endlessly fascinating and always popular.  However, it’s a crowded field so I dedicated myself to excelling technically and artistically.

IPP: Describe a typical day at work.

GL: Each day varies, depending on the projects I’m working on.  If I’m not traveling, my mornings are taken up with social media, marketing activities, replying to emails, reviewing contracts and other business tasks.  Afternoons are shooting in the studio or editing assignments that I’ve shot in previous weeks.  If I’m on location, my day begins at dawn o that I can get out and capture the early morning light and scenes without people.  I’ll shoot most of the day and then return at night to edit photos and get them sent to clients.  Since I have clients all over the world in different time zones, I tend to stay up pretty late to handle requests that come in and prepare orders for my two online shops.  I love best days that are spent in gardens, flower markets or roaming the streets of a favorite city like Paris or London, photographing details and beauty along the way.

IPP: What is the hardest flower to photograph? What is your favorite?

GL: Any flower that is a deep, solid red or magenta is tricky to photograph because the camera never sees the nuances of color in reds that the eye does. The lighting has to be just right to get the shading so that the flower doesn’t look like a red blob.  My favorite flowers to photograph include roses, narcissus, hellebores, dahlias, tulips and peonies.  They all have such a variety of color, shape and texture that makes them always interesting to photograph.  If I had to choose one favorite, it would be roses.

IPP: What is your favorite thing about your job and working with nature?

GL:  Although I adore cities and being amongst the high energy and activity level, I really do need to disconnect and have quiet to recharge, get my thoughts in order and dream up future projects.  Being out in nature so much is a great privilege that I am always thankful for.  Appreciating flowers, plants, birds and animals puts so many things in perspective.


IPP: Where do you get inspired?

GL: I believe inspiration can be found in so many places.  My favorites include museums, art galleries, and long walks in iconic cities. I’ve always been very inspired by the Impressionists and the Pre-Raphaelite painters, as well as the great artists and designers of the Arts and Crafts movement, such as William Morris and Sir Edward Burne Jones.  I love romantic and beautiful works in any field and inspiration can be found in poetry, music and nature, too.  The peacefulness and serenity of the natural world influences the creation of many of my images.  I hope to transport the viewer to a tranquil and beautiful realm.

 The most rewarding aspect of what I do is hearing people’s reactions to my images and knowing that my work brightens their day or brings beauty to their environment.  My goal is to bring moments of beauty, magic and serenity to viewers of my work and I am truly touched by the comments I receive from my clients.


GL: Paris in Bloom is a romantic tour of floral destinations in Paris, including parks and gardens, floral boutiques, flower markets and floral decor, pairing the floral images with iconic architecture and botanical motifs found in decorative arts throughout the city.  In addition to Paris in Bloom, I have another published book called Vintage Roses and a third book on peonies.

IPP: favorite spot in Paris?

GL: The Palais Royal.


GL: Again, I’d have to choose the rose. Roses are feminine and romantic, but tough and enduring. And most have a long bloom time and beautiful fragrance.

Thank you Georgianna!