An award for best aloha spirit should go to Pamakane Pico. The Hawaiian floral artist embodies that original island energy with everything she creates. Her lei designs have graced the heads everyone from the Kardashians to little kids and her Instagram account is an explosion of her creative Hawaiian style and spirit.  If there's any reason to island hop now, it's to see Pamakane in full  floral action. #itsplantporn

IPP: what is your background and what led to becoming a floral artist?

  PP: I grew up on a small Hawaiian Island Moloka’i, It is where I fell in love with flowers, plants,  lei making and  floral art at a young age. My mother was a Lei maker and we were surrounded by flowers and the beautiful lush Hawaiian landscape of our homeland Moloka'i. It is so beautiful,  you can't help but be inspired by the natural beauty.

ipp: Describe your design process.

      PP: I try to source out as much local products as I can. I do hunt around for farmers that I can connect with and support. I then let nature inspire my creations.  There are no rules in floral  art you just go with it and let it flow out naturally. Its the best way to design; it seems to come out the best when you just let it flow and not over think it.

ipp: What is your favorite thing about your job and working with nature?

PP: My favorite thing is working with nature, the flowers, plants  and exploring new foilage. It teaches me to stop, slow down and look at the simple things that surround us. I always seem to find the coolest things and I try to incorporate it into my desings which comes out unique.  


ipp: What are your favorite types of projects to work on?

         PP: Anything that gets me excited!!  I love creating  anything  outside of the box,  that gets my mind going and my creative juice flowing.   My favorite is designing Lei po’o’s. It is full circle for me when I get to design a Haku lei or Lei po’o. It is what I grew up doing and what I learned and was passed down to me by my mother so it brings me back to where I grew up.   I also love designing weddings. It can be challenging but in the end it is so rewarding to see it all come together after months of planning.  



IPP:What inspires you when working on a piece?

PP: The natural beauty and colors of my homeland. We are surrounded by beauty and its so easy to be inspired through the culture and the beauty of the islands.

ipp:What are your tips to creating the perfect lei po’o?

         PP: Look around  and gather flowers and greenery from where you are. The best designs are when you pick it yourself and create it on spot. Don't over think and just let it flow out of you. Be creative!

IPP: What is your spirit plant and why?  

PP: Hibiscus. It is so unique and wild  it comes in so many crazy colors and I'm a person that needs to have color in my life!

  all images courtesy of Pamakane Pico, @ocean_dreamerr

all images courtesy of Pamakane Pico, @ocean_dreamerr